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An experienced personal injury lawyer Newmarket can settle cases quickly. In addition, an experienced trial lawyer at Boland Romaine can safeguard the injured if negotiations fail. The personal injury lawyers at Boland Romaine fight for the injured and have the courage to refuse irrational offers and the dedication and skills to take your personal injury case to trial.

Our Precedents Provide the Evidence


Knowing the significance of trial background, many personal injury lawyers suggest they have it when they actually don’t. They may claim that they fight cases at different court levels. Still, that doesn’t mean they’ve gone to a trial. They may claim they “battle” or that they are “strong.” Still, if they’ve never proceeded to trial for any of their clients before, what did they really fight, and just how formidable can they be?


Ask for evidence: Jury trials are settled through written verdicts. Judge-alone trials are settled with reported decisions. Both types of trials get their own court file numbers. Boland Romaine takes pride in backing up our promises. Evidence is the most important thing to our firm.

Do Your Due Diligence

The choice of a personal injury lawyer after an injury is of the most significant judgments you will ever make. You must make the right decision to ensure the best outcome for the future.

We urge you to consult with other lawyers. Do your due diligence before making your decision.

Trial Experience Questions Timothy Boland Darcy Romaine
Do you, personally, regularly take cases to trial?
Have you, personally, won cases like mine at trial?
Do you, personally, have precedent-setting decisions?
Can I see your written decisions and jury verdicts?
After you learn about the lawyer’s trial experience, consider the following questions, which address the lawyer’s knowledge and general reputation amongst peers.
Other Helpful Questions Timothy Boland Darcy Romaine
Has the Law Society of Ontario certified you as a Specialist in Civil Litigation?
Have you won awards for your trial work from legal associations?
Have your peers endorsed you for your inclusion in the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory?
Have your peers endorsed you for your inclusion in BestLawyers. com peer review directory?
Have legal publications recognized your firm as a Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firm in Canada?
Have you published extensively in the field of personal injury?
Do you teach other lawyers how to conduct trials?
Are you invited to speak at conferences regarding trial work?
Are you, or have you been, a board member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association?

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With years of experience in civil litigation at the Newmarket Court House, we seek justice for clients throughout York, Simcoe, and Durham counties. The lawyers at Boland Romaine handle a wide variety of practice areas. Keep reading to find out more.


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Our team has won trials for people suffering from various conditions, including traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, and others. Among the areas in which we have won trials are pedestrians, animal attacks, road design, etc.

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We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the personal injury lawyer community with significant trial experience and thought leadership to show for it.

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