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  • Nairn V. Merlino
    jury verdict
  • Wigmore V. Myler
    jury verdict
  • Cockburn V. Holmes
    jury verdict
  • Pelletier V. Ontario Provincial Police
    judge alone
  • Barbeau V. Ruchetta
    jury verdict
  • R V. Wallace
    judge alone
  • Macdonald V. Talaba
    jury verdict
  • Copeland V. Knox
    jury verdict
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justice can’t be negotiated
Insurers know which lawyers go to trial for their clients and which ones don’t.
Shouldn’t you?
How does a strong trial record help settle your case fairly?

Personal Injury Lawyer Orangeville

Your lawyer’s strong trial record can be the deal clincher and help you get a fair settlement


Did you know that a strong trial record is what often spells the difference between a fair settlement and a discounted offer? Insurers can tell whether or not a lawyer has gone to trial for their clients – and therefore, so should you.


Inexperienced personal injury lawyers often imply they have trial experience, even if they do not. They say they’ve ‘fought’ for their clients or ‘appeared’ at various courts. But without solid proof, who exactly did they fight for, and where did they appear?


When hiring a personal injury lawyer, always ask for proof. Jury trials have written verdicts and judge-alone trials have reported decisions. Both of these have court file numbers that a dependable lawyer should be able to produce. Very few cases go to trial, so verdicts are a testament to a lawyer’s grit, knowledge, and ability.


Boland Romaine personal injury lawyers believe in backing up what they say. Ask your Boland Romaine lawyer about their trial experience, and they’ll gladly oblige. Evidence is important in deciding your future with regard to any case. We believe it should likewise be crucial in deciding who represents you.

Tim Boland
Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation

Insurers know which lawyers go to trial for their clients and which ones don’t.

Shouldn’t you?

Darcy Romaine
Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation

Your future will be decided based on evidence. So should the lawyer you choose to

Represent you.

Your  Future  Is Worth Fighting For

Choose a personal injury lawyer 

who will fight for you 

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Our team of personal injury lawyers in Orangeville has successfully taken numerous cases to trial. We have also been successful in getting the laws changed on several occasions to better protect the rights of the general public. Our proven record and reputation empower our lawyers to settle every case justly and fairly.

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