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Our Trial Record

Sets Us Apart. Period.

  • Nairn V. Merlino
    jury verdict
  • Wigmore V. Myler
    jury verdict
  • Cockburn V. Holmes
    jury verdict
  • Pelletier V. Ontario Provincial Police
    judge alone
  • Barbeau V. Ruchetta
    jury verdict
  • R V. Wallace
    judge alone
  • Macdonald V. Talaba
    jury verdict
  • Copeland V. Knox
    jury verdict
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justice can’t be negotiated
Insurers know which lawyers go to trial for their clients and which ones don’t.
Shouldn’t you?
The trial record of our personal injury lawyers demonstrate our commitment to recovering maximum compensation
How does a strong trial record help settle your case fairly?

Personal Injury Lawyer Port Perry

Merely getting you compensation for your personal injury claim is not the ultimate goal at Boland Romaine LLP. Our personal injury lawyer Newmarket will work tirelessly to ensure you the best settlement. You deserve a settlement that will allow you to get back on the road to recovery. Negotiation is one weapon at our disposal but if that fails, we are more than willing and very able, to take your case to trial.


Many injury law firms will tell you that they can play hardball with an insurer in court. These lawyers may have even appeared at various court levels. But do they have the track record to prove it? We do. We are proud of our results in court, just look at our Trial Track Record and see for yourself.


Our success at trial tells insurance companies that we are not afraid to take them on in the courtroom, thus discouraging discounted offers. Few cases go to trial, so trial verdicts offer an objective and rare insight into the judgment, confidence, knowledge and ability of your lawyer.


Insurance companies know which lawyers are prepared to fight at trial for their clients. Shouldn’t you?

Tim Boland
Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation

Insurers know which lawyers go to trial for their clients and which ones don’t.

Shouldn’t you?

Get legal representation after a car accident
Personal injury lawyers from our law firm help every accident victim recover medical expenses
Darcy Romaine
Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation

Your future will be decided based on evidence. So should the lawyer you choose to

Represent you.

Your  Future  Is Worth Fighting For

Choose a personal injury lawyer 

who will  fight for you 

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We are an experienced  Port Perry based Personal Injury Law Firm   that has won trials at the Newmarket Court House servicing residence of York Region Durham and Simcoe County


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Personal Injury Lawyers With A
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Our personal injury lawyers are tenacious when it comes to fighting for our clients. Insurers know we are trial savvy and willing to take a case to court. Our trial successes have resulted in changes in the law that better protect and compensate the public.

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We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the personal injury lawyer community with significant trial experience and thought leadership to show for it.

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