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Jones v. Ross

Jones v. Ross
(24 October 1991) Newmarket 4073/87 (ON SC)

Tim represented a snowmobile driver, Rob Jones, who was driving along a remote roadside when he was struck by an oncoming motorist who had crested a hill and sent Rob into a tree. The police charged Rob.

Rob fractured his lumbar spine, which required fusion surgery and Harrington rods. Tim represented him at Provincial Offences Court, where he was acquitted.

We then represented him in his civil action and took his case to trial. The other motorist was found 75% at-fault for travelling at an excessive speed and not keeping to the right side of the road. As an autobody mechanic, Rob relied on his physical wellbeing to earn his livelihood. The court awarded him compensation to reflect the negative impact his injuries would have on his ability to continue working as an autobody mechanic for the remainder of his career.

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