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Silveira v. Regional Municipality of York

Silveira v. Regional Municipality of York
2014 ONSC 65 (CanLII)
2011 ONSC 4272 (CanLII)
2011 ONSC 4991 (CanLII)
2011 ONSC 6122 (CanLII)
2011 ONSC 4991 (CanLII)
2010 ONSC 969 (CanLII)
Silveira v. Her Majesty the Queen
2012 ONSC 3328 (CanLII) Div. Ct.

Following the Thornhill case, we launched an Application against the Province of Ontario and the Regional Municipality of York on behalf of Ms. Silveira. She had lost control of her vehicle on the downslope of a snow-covered hill and came into a head-on collision with an oncoming motorist. Our mission was to have the regulation governing winter road maintenance declared invalid because it set dangerously low standards for municipal ploughs and sanders that put the motoring public at risk.

After numerous motions and appeals, the Province of Ontario redrafted the regulations, again. The Regional Municipality of York withdrew its reliance on the regulations as a defence in Ms. Silveira’s case.

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