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Cockburn v. Holmes

Cockburn v. Holmes
(28 April 2014) Newmarket, CV-08-091101-00, (ON SC)

Hit the brake – Swerve left – Dump the bike! These were the split-second decisions Ron made as a van pulled out from a stop sign, turned right, then left across Ron’s path, at an off-set intersection. Ron went into the side of the van and was dragged 50’ across the road. The van driver was charged but acquitted at traffic court.

After the traffic court decision, Ron came to us. He had severe orthopaedic injuries that ended his career as a produce manager.

Following a month-long trial, the jury found the van’s driver to be 90% at-fault for the collision and awarded Ron enough compensation to fund his future care needs and replace the income he lost by having to retire early.

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